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Fakir of Venice

HINDI, ENGLISH| INDIA| 2017 DRAMA| INDIAN SHOWCASE| 1h 54m| COLOUR   Director: ANAND SURAPUR Synopsis: An Indian con man is hired to find a fakir who can bury himself in sand for an installation art project in Venice. He passes off a poor slum dweller from Bombay as the real thing, conning the European art […]


KURDISH| TURKEY| 2017 SHORT| 13m| COLOUR   Director: FIRAT ONAR Synopsis: Zozan is a little girl who didn't sent to school by her parents. Her brother Adem just started to study in primary school. One night, Zozan dreams that her brother falls down from a tree. This dream is going to change her destiny.   […]


HINDI | INDIA| 2017 CRIME, DRAMA| SHORT| 23m 16s|B&W   Director: OMKAR KULKARNI Synopsis: A disturbing tale of two women – one a cripple, the other pregnant.       CAST: Neha Joshi Vibhawari Deshpande Umesh Jagtap   CREW: Producer: Neha Joshi Editor: Abhijeet Deshpande        


FINNISH, PERSIAN, RUSSIAN| FINLAND| 2017SHORT|11m 30s| COLOUR   Director: RAMIN SOHRAB Synopsis: An ex-hitman tries to play violin one last time for his wife. But first he must track down the gangsters that took it from him.     Cast:Saeid RajabiSami HuhtalaRamin Sohrab Maxim PavlenkoSonja FarlingPepe Karai   Crew:Producer: Sonja Farling             : Eero […]

The Starry Sky

LATVIAN| LATVIA| 2016 DRAMA| SHORT| 34m26s|COLOUR   Director: KONSTANTIAN ŅEDOCIVINS Synopsis: Brother and sister come to visit their grandmother to attend father's funeral, where they get into trouble.       CAST: Alise Danovska Kristīne Belicka Mārtiņš Zariņš Dace Everss Oskars Morozovs Alise Broka   CREW: Producer: Daiga Livčāne      


FINNISH, PERSIAN, RUSSIAN| FINLAND| 2017 SHORT|11m 30s| COLOUR   Director: RAMIN SOHRAB Synopsis: An ex-hitman tries to play violin one last time for his wife. But first he must track down the gangsters that took it from him.     Cast: Saeid RajabiSami HuhtalaRamin Sohrab Maxim PavlenkoSonja Farling Pepe Karai   Crew: Producer: Sonja Farling  […]

You Didn’t Forget

SLOVENIAN| SOLEVENIA| 2016 DRAMA, ROMANCE| SHORT| 13m 40s| COLOUR   Director: SIMON INTIHAR Synopsis: "An elderly woman's day is turned upside down when she sets out to find her missing husband, who's been struggling with memory loss."       Cast: Marijana Brecelj Dare Valič Nina Ivanišin Jan Zupanči   Crew: Producer: Janez Pirc                  […]

The Route

The Route Kazakhastan|2016 SHORT|15m |COLOUR Director: DARKHAN  TULEGENEV Synopsis: Arsene – Sunday dad. A lonely man, who has only one happiness in life – his son. Once together they go on a journey …     Cast: Dulgya Akmolda   Crew: Producer-Darkhan Tulegenev

Your Father’s Eyes

ARABIC| MOROCCO | 2017 DRAMA, SOCIAL| SHORT| 24m 41s| COLOUR   Director: HAMZA ATIFI Synopsis: Jamila is a victime of a porn revenge. An act that generated abrupt change of the girl's life, who under social convention, suffers popular anger and finds herself forced to flee away to finally face the unprecedented violence of her […]

The last Drawing

ENGLISH| NORWAY| 2017 DRAMA| SHORT| 9m|COLOUR   Director: RUDY CARPIO Synopsis: Inspired by a true story, "The last Drawing" depicts the horrors of domestic violence. Joseph is a young man, he makes a living from drawing people's faces on the street. When Joseph was a child he witnessed some events that marked him forever. As […]