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MALAK   ARABIC|MOROCCO|2012 DRAMA|COUNTRYFOCUS|97m   Director: Abdeslam Kelai  Synopsis: An underage pupil from a good family discovers that she’s pregnant. When her boyfriend cuts her off, she escapes to Tanger and begins to work as a prostitute in order to provide for her child and her self. An impressive filmic document on exclusion and marginalisation […]

Last Christmas

ITALIAN|ITALY|2017 WORLD PANORAMA|1hr16m45s|COLOUR Director:CHRISTIANO PAHLER Synopsis: On Christmas' Eve morning, Mulars’ family is shocked by the loss of the mother, Anna Maria. Her two sons, Antonio, who is forty-five and who’s just rushed back to Sardinia, and Francesco, who is thirty-five, decide to organize the burial, challenging the calm immobilism of the small town where […]

Chaloo Movie

​​HINDI| INDIA| 2011 COMEDY| CINEMA OUT OF THE BOX| 123m| COLOUR   Director:  VINOD PANDE Synopsis:  A hillarious story of man named Khoji who is arrested from the cinemas for selling the movie tickets in black. However, Khoji claims to be the director of movie he is selling the tickets for. The Inspector is even […]


HINDI| INDIA| 1989ROMANTIC,DRAMA| RETROSPECTIVE| 187m| COLOUR   Director: YASH CHOPRASynopsis: Chandni’s fiance is paralysed in an accident and she's forced to start afresh. Her boss falls in love with her and she agrees to marry him. She faces a dilemma when her fiance returns to her life.       Cast:Sridevi, Rishi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, […]

Chaloo Movie

HINDI| INDIA| 2011COMEDY| CINEMA OUT OF THE BOX|123m|COLOUR   Director: VINOD PANDESynopsis: A hillarious story of man named Khoji who is arrested from the cinemas for selling the movie tickets in black. However, Khoji claims to be the director of the movie he is selling the tickets for. The inspector is even more perplexed when the […]

Golden Five

MACEDONIAN ,SERBIAN | MACEDONIA | 2016 DRAMA , ROMANCE, THRILLER,HISTORY |WORLD PANORAMA| 1h 23m | COLOUR   Director : GORAN TRENCHOVSKI Synopsis : Maki, Kata and Jiji are loyal friends who believe in their youthful ideals. However, when Maki and Kata announce their engagement, Jiji becomes jealous. In the period of communist liquidations, there is […]


Sachin: A Billion Dreams

HINDI, MARATHI, ENGLISH| INDIA| 2017 BIOGRAPHY| ACHIEVERS| 139m| COLOUR   Director: JAMES KRSKINE Synopsis: A ten-year- old Sachin watched the Indian Cricket Team lift its first World Cup trophy in 1983, and, twenty-eight years later, the whole world saw him lift the trophy in 2011. Based on the life of the living legend in the […]


HINDI| INDIA| 1992 CRIME,DRAMA| HOMAGE| 120m| COLOUR Director: SUDHIR MISHRA Synopsis: Dharavi – known as the biggest slums on Earth, has many people living in abject poverty and destitute conditions. One such person is Rajkaran a taxi driver by profession, who has bought a taxi and is still for it in small installments. He, his […]

The Letterbox

TURKISH| TURKEY| 2016WORLD PANORAMA| COLOUR Director: BARIŞ KIRIMŞELIOĞLUSynopsis:Adem, 29, has a traffic accident while travelling to begin his military service. The crash leaves him wheelchair bound, but his burning passion to become a soldier never dies out. He relentlessly sends the military letters in hopes of being given another chance to no avail. Then his close […]


ARABIC| MOROCCO| 2010COUNTRY FOCUS| 104mDirector: MOHAMED MOUFTAKIRSynopsis:Zineb is an emotionally exhausted psychiatrist assigned to Rihana, a traumatized and pregnant young woman found in the street muttering unintelligibly about "The Lord of the Horse." Soon, Rihana's story awakens repressed thoughts in Zineb's own troubled mind, and reality merges into a haunted fever-dream of fear and denial.   Cast:Saadia […]