Story of the turbulent relationship between a mother and daughter—and the dream world they inhabit—in a Cuba marked by social change. Laura is a professor at a shabby, stultifying college. Her daughter, Laurita, stops going to school, wishes to move to Madagascar and quickly races through several phases. Laura has lost the ability to dream. In one of the scenes she says,” I dream exactly what I live every day." The statement amplifies her fears and feelings and pitches them directly in contrast to her teenage daughter Laurita’s feelings who moves in a fantasy world. Her life becomes a nightmare. Relations between mother and daughter, full of oddities, incomprehension and approaches, projected as a need to preserve each its utopia.


SPANISH | CUBA | 1994                                                         





Director Biography:

Fernando Pérez Valdés is a prominent Cuban film director. After graduating from the University of Havana he began working in the Cuban film industry in 1971 as an assistant director. His feature debut was the drama ‘Clandestinos’ (1987) but it wasn’t until Madagascar (1994) that he garnered significant international recognition. Pérez later directed ‘La Vida es Silbar’ (1998) and ‘Suite Habana’ (2003), the latter one being considered by some critics to be the best Cuban film in decades.


Elena Bolaños, Zaida Castellanos, Laura De la Uz, Jorge Molina B: Razvan Doroftei

Script: Fernando Pérez, Manuel Rodríguez   

Producers: Santiago Llapur

Music: Edesio Alejandro

Cinematography: Raúl Pérez Ureta

Film Editing: Julia Yip



Berlin International Film Festival – Caligari Film Award

Sundance Film Festival – Latin America Cinema Award

Fribourg International Film Festival – Grand Prix

Festróia – Tróia International Film Festival – Golden Dolphin

Havana Film Festival – ARCI-NOVA Award Fernando Pérez

Cuban Press Association Award – FIPRESCI Prize – Special Mention – Special Jury Prize