Young Mayito, the son of a wealthy jazz musician, imagines all Cubans live as he does, eating chicken every day and playing video games on their Sony PlayStations. When he finds himself lost in a poor neighborhood one May Day, however, Mayito quickly realizes this is far from the truth. A daring dramatization of the class differences that exist in modern-day Cuba, "Habanastation" is also the touching story of one boy’s vivid awakening to those differences.


SPANISH | CUBA | 2012                                                  



Director: IAN PADRÓN


Director Biography:

Ian Padron was born in 1976 in Havana , is a son of director Juan Padrón . Graduated from the Superior Institute of Art of Cuba , at the Faculty of Film, Radio and Television. From a young age he collaborated realizing scripts in the journal Zunzún and animated series Filminutos the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC). In 1997 he makes his first professional work for the ICAIC, the making-of of Vertical Love . In 2000 produced his short fiction Motos , first graduation thesis produced in 35 mm at the Higher Institute of Art. One of his most famous and controversial works is Fuera de Liga , first feature documentary, which addresses the theme of baseball in Cuba. It has also been the artistic director of concerts and galas important figures of Cuban culture ( Van Van , Beatriz Márquez and gala for the National Film Award 2007 Juan Padron). As of July 7, 2010, he initiated a new aspect of his work with a radial space dedicated to the soundtracks for audiovisual, inside the station Radio Taíno .


Claudia Alvarino, Ruben Araujo, Blanca Rosa Blanco, René de la Cruz Jr.


Screenplay: Felipe Espinet

Cinematographer: Alejandro Pérez Gómez

Producers : Noel Alvarez, Ian Padrón

Music : René Baños

Editor: Jose Lemuel Pepito, Jose Lemuel Gonzalez

Executive Producers: Vilma Montesinos, Esther Hirtzel



Cuba's official entry to the Oscars 2012

"Best Fiction Film" – Traverse City Film Festival, Michigan, USA, 2011

"Glauber Rocha" and "UNICEF" Awards – Havana Internaional Film Festival, 2011

"Audience Award" – Marsella International Film Festiva

"Audience Award" -Cuenca International Film Festival

"Audience Award" -Lima International Film Festival, 2012

"Best Ficton Film" – 19th Children's Film Festival, Guayana City

"Best Film" – International Festival “Nueva Mirada para la Infancia y la Juventud”, Argentina, 2012

"Best Supporting Actress" (Blanca Rosa Blanco) and "Best First Work" – Premios ACE, 2013

"Special Award" – Cairo International Children's Film Festival, 2012