An author's struggle between what he wants to write and what others might want to read culminates into a surrealist novel. The film attempts to create an experiential narrative using the ambiguous and cryptic form of illusions. Entangled in the web of imagination, a struggling mind of a Writer pieces together the fragments merging the line between illusion and reality.

HINDI I 2015                                                                

DRAMA I 77 MIN I DCP I COLOR          

Director: Karma Takapa, Heer Ganjwala, Abhishek Varma

Directors Biography

ABHISHEK VARMA is an independent film maker based out of Noida, UP.  With a Masters in Business Management from IIM Lucknow, Abhishek went on to study Film Direction from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.

HEER GANJAWALA began his film career assisting Film Director Sagar Ballary on films like ‘Kaccha Limbu’ and ‘Bheja Fry 2’ and went on to study Film Direction at FTII, Pune. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media from Mumbai University.  

KARMA TAKAPA from Sikkim in north eastern India is also a graduate in Film Direction from FTII Pune. He also hold sa Master’s Degree in journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. He has worked as a Reporter with the Indian Express prior to his film education. H ealso worked with Kamal K M on his film I.D. as an actor and assistant.



Ramesh Pani


Produced by Anadi Athaley, Viren Rai Jain

Screenplay: Karma Takapa, Heer Ganjwala, Abhishek Varma

Cinematography: Sonu

Sound: Ankur ChaudharySound Designer

Editor: Anadi Athaley

Festivals/Awards: Special Jury Prize, Mumbai Film Festival