Mr. PawanBhalla is in true love, Ishq, Pyaar, Mohhabat in the company of his college days friend PoojaBadlani, who is luckily or unluckily one & only child of a big industrialist Mr. C.P.Badlani. Pawan’s carrier wasn’t taking good shape due to his so called bad luck. After quitting or being fired from seven companies, he jumped into share market and incurred heavy losses. But somehow Pooja convinced her father to recruit Pawan in his company. When Pooja tells Pawan to meetup with her father, he resists from doing so, but looses to his Lady love and surrenders. However during an interview, an argument takes place between Pawan and Mr. Badlani. Badlani feels insulted and looses his persistence Challenging Pawan to prove his worth by acquiring a good house within a month thus providing security to his daughter and can marry her. 

Pawan is utterly devastated as the necessity of a house was really sturdy task for him to win back his lady love. But this time Pawan wants to take this chore as an opportunity to prove himself to both Pooja& her father. After much thought approaches his friend LOVELY BHAI KHANNA who is a small developer and one & only human being who has been supporting him financially when in need.

Under his own fantasies and avoid family pressures halfheartedly obliges PawanBhalla under certain conditions………….
This entire scenario leads to comedy of errors making it more and more difficult for Pawan to win back his Lady Love by making one House in Mumbai. Is Pawan blessed with BHK or not ?unfolds 


HINDI | INDIA | 2016                           





Director Biography: RakeshChaturvedi Om makes his film debut with this film BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom. Born and brought up in Kanpur, U P, Rakesh is a post graduate from national School of Drama and worked in theatre for a long time before making this film. Having completed a Course in Film Appreciation, Rakesh worked with Darpan theatre Group in Kanpur in the initial stages of his career and later in Mumbai with film and theatre personalities like Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, SagarSarhadi, Habib Tanvir and many others. Working as an Assistant on several prominent feature films in Mumbai, Rakesh himself wrote four feature films.



Neelam Khanna




Producer: RakeshChaturvedi

Screenplay: RakeshChaturvedi Om

Music: Rahul Mishra