Cholai is a black comedy based on the 2011 hooch fatalities in India. Country liquor, known as ‘Cholai’ is Cheap and highly addictive. It is manufactured with law enforcement patronage. The story starts when 172 people die after having Cholai. To save its patronage the government offers a compensation to the victim’s families. Which create further trouble in the simple life of the villagers.


A sudden turn of events is triggered when a batch of Cholai gets toxic during the brewing process. Soon people who had consumed the Cholai start falling ill and the death toll rises to 172. Media turns the incident into a political drama.To pacify the outrage, the Government launches compensation for the family members of the victims. A gold-rush ensues following the announcement, everyone wants their share. Deaths due to other causes could be become ‘entitled’ for compensation if the right palms are greased with their share. The mourning soon transforms into greed and corruption.


BENGALI | INDIA | 2015                                                                               



Director: ARUN ROY


Director Biography:

Arun roy made his debut with  Egaro, the Immortal Eleven.  Egaro a 2011 Bengali sports film based on a historical event. It was directed by debutant director Arun Roy. The film is based on the historical events leading to a football match between Mohun Bagan and East Yorkshire Regimenton 29 July 1911, a time when India was under the British rule. This was the first time when Mohun Bagan, or any native team won the IFA Shield. The film commemorated that event in its centenary year, i.e., 2011. Cholai is Arun roy’s Second film as a director and it is first ever political Satire made in the Bengali fim industry


Saswata Chatterjee
Shankar Chakraborty
Kharaj Mukherjee
Sandeep Ghosh
Partha Sarathi
Sumit Samaddar


Produced By: Jaspreet Kaur

Directed By: Arun Roy

Screenplay: Arun Roy

DOP: Gopi Bhagat

Music Director: Mayukh & Mainak

Dialogues: Subhomay Chatterjee

Art Director: Tapan seth

Editor: Sanglap Bhowmick