“MithilaMakhaan” is an emotional and thrilling journey of Kranti Prakash for establishing his grandfather’s company which was closed down 35 years ago. Kranti, 32 works in a company in Toronto and comes to his village in Bihar after 23 years. In his weeklong trip, he has to perform a small family ritual and meet the girl preferred by his mother for his marriage. The village of his memories has changed now marred with migration, corruption and apathy from all the quarters. Meanwhile, Kranti finds out that his grandfather used to be a Makhaan (a famous Agro product) farmer in 70s and was killed due to business rivalry. He leaves village with heavy heart and also meets love of his life Maithili. Kranti reaches Delhi airport to catch his outbound flight but sudden surge of emotion and dramatic turnouts make him miss his Toronto flight. He returns to his village and vows to start ‘MithilaMakhaan’ once again but the road to this entrepreneurial venture in hinterlands of Bihar is not as easy as missing a flight. In his pursuit to start ‘MithilaMakhaan’ once again, he fights against odds and especially the Makhaan Mafia Brahma Singh. ‘MithilaMakhaan’ is a riveting story of triumph of human spirit.


MAITHILI I INDIA I 2015                                              




Director: Nitin Chandra


Director Biography

An Engineering graduate who later pursued Masters in Communication Studies (Video production) from University of Pune made his first short film “The Outsider” which was screened in Chennai Film festival. Having worked as an assistant to Directors Tanuja Chandra, Dibakar Banerjee, and many others Nitin directed his debut feature ‘Deswa’ which was screened in several film festivals. ‘MithilaMakhaan’ is his second feature that has already won the prestigious National Film Award and participated in several international film festivals.



Kranti Prakash Jha




Festivals/Awards: National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Maithili language.