The Heat Wave

Synopsis: A comedy about Europe and it’s clichés through the story of a German-Spanish couple living in Luxembourg, a heat wave and the first visit of the father in law. Based on a true story.

18 Mins | Luxembourg | Spanish/EST | 2015

Drama, Comedy | Digital | Color

Director: LucíaValverde

Director’s Biography

LucíaValverde (Madrid, 1984) grew up in an international and multilingual environment in Luxembourg. She graduated in Audio-Visual Communication by the Complutense University of Madrid with a Degree in Drama by the Scenic Arts School Estudio3, an MA in Directing Fiction at ESCAC Film School in Barcelona, and a Degree in Physical Theatre (Lecoq) at Mar Navarro’s International Theatre School.


Laure Roldán, Luc Spada, Juan Meseguer


DOP: Rae Lynn Lee

Writer: LucíaValverde

Producer: Jesús González-Elvira


Montreal World Film Festival