A homeless with his right hand only finds an expensive leather glove that fits his hand. One year later, when he accidentally tears the glove, replacing it appears to be harder than expected. Just when he resigns to the facts he finds a glove identical with the previous. In another part of the city a wealthy man and is trying to pair a recent leather glove with an old unpaired one of the same kind but … they are both for the left hand.

12 Mins | Romania | Romanian | EST | 2015

Drama | Digital | Color

Director: Vlad Dorofte

Director’s Biography

Vlad Dorofte is a debut Director, Producer and Writer. The Glove is his debut Short Film.


Ionel Tudor, Adrian Titieni, Alexandru Georgescu


Producer: Vlad Dorofte, Ioana Dorofte

DOP: Vlad Dorofte

Writer: Vlad Dorofte