Best friends Siopao and Araw never got the chance to see their mothers. Longing to know what they look like, they explore the city of Manila with a crayon and paper in hand. Inspired by random, beautiful strangers, they happily sketch the perfect picture of the most important woman in their life.

18 Mins | Philippines | Phillippino | EST | 2015

Drama, Comedy | Digital | Color

Director: Che Espiritu

Director’s Biography

Che Espiritu is a Filipina filmmaker who has dedicated her voice in speaking of and for children in her short films. Having grown as the eldest of five children, and exposed to feeding and educating less privileged children in the streets of Manila, she believes that children are the most beautiful beings – exuding innocence, unyielding faith and pure love – whose everyday struggles are worth telling through the art of cinema.


JhizDeocareza, Jan Harley Hicana


Producer: Tintin Espiritu, ChanelleFilio

DOP: Che Espiritu

Writer: Che Espiritu


Toronto International Film Festival