CanciónAnfibia is the story of Martina, a small girl who lives on the shore of a vast wetland. She wants to become a fisherman, but her mother won’t allow her. One day, she decides to go fishing by herself in a canoe to prove her courage.

18 Mins | Colombia | Spanish | Est | 2016

Drama | Digital | Color

Director: Juan José Castillejo

Director’s Biograohy

Juan José Castillejo studied Radio and Television direction. He worked as program director of The Referee, a sports show, in TB3 channel in Barranquilla. He was the producer of City Family program in Valledupar. In 2015 was one of the beneficiaries of the training grant from the Ministry of Culture, INI, where he had the opportunity to direct his first short film, A Song of Water.


Mariana Motta Villazón, Marlen Clarissa Cuadros, Leider Gutiérrez


DOP: Juan José Castillejo

Writer: Jean Jurado, Juan José Castillejo, Linda Suárez,

Producer: Jean Jurado


Cartagena De Indias International Film Festival

Cine A La Calle International Short Film Festival