DESTINY tells the story of the encounter between two friends, Laura and Marta. Laura and Marta are friends for many years, almost since that age where dreams are born, life plans and promises are daily. A friendship of a lifetime, but life and destiny that brought them together in the past gradually separated their ways and lives.


24 Mins | Spain | Spanish | EST | 2016

Drama | Digital | Color


Director: Marta Juanola


Director’s Biography

Marta has always liked to write and enjoy any audiovisual material, whether in television, film. She started in the world of photography with Salva Musté in Barcelona who made several photo shoots for national media. In 2010 Marta wrote the first draft of "DESTINY" and saved it in a drawer, until November 2012 where she started working with the digital medium "La Caja de Música" in Barcelona. It’s in this medium with which delves into the audiovisual world, and start interviewing actors, musicians, directors. In 2014 Marta took charge of shooting her first professional work titled "DESTINY", which was written, directed and produced next to large media professionals such as Mariona Ribas, Nuria Gago, Pep Anton Muñoz, Andrea Ros, Laura Díaz, Alba Ferrara… and supported by a technical team of the highest level.



Mariona Ribas, Nuria Gago, Pep Antón Muñoz



Producer: Marta Juanola

DOP: Alberto López Palacios

Writer: Marta Juanola