If it wasn’t for the free lunch at the public school, the brothers Joalisson, Joedson and Jowilson would starve the entire day, because their single mother is unemployed and the family is in a big financial problem. But she doesn’t want the neighbors to know they have no food at home. Every afternoon she obliges the boys to stand at the front window pretending they’re having snack time. How long will this humbug go on?


15 Mins/Brazil/Portugese/EST/2015



Director: Claudia Mattos


Director’s Bio

Claudia Mattos is an experienced newspaper journalist who changed careers to film business. 
“Porto da PequenaÁfrica” is her debut as feature film director. But she has experience in scriptwriting and production for TV and cinema. She also directed the making of her first fiction feature film as writer and producer, “180º”, as well as its theatrical trailer.



Emanuel Amorim, MaurícioMagno, Pablo Araújo



Producer: Claudia Mattos

DOP: Claudia Mattos

Writer: Claudia Mattos