Private Detective

An urban contemporary film about adultery, murder and betrayal in the film noir style. A simple story to which the director imparts a feeling of unrest and disquiet, catching the city in its various moods. The film breaks generic conventions, notably in the presentation of the private detective through his deglamourised life and his process of discovery of 'who did it'. It is not constructed through his point of view at all. In fact the policeman and the detective, the fact finders, are in the dark about the crime, to the very end.


A | 2h 20mins | Mystery |1997(India)


Director : Rajat Kapoor


Director Biography

Rajat Kapoor  is an Indian actor, writer and director born in 1961. Kapoor was born in Delhi, India. As a teenager he would watch films with his family and decided to become a filmmaker at the age of 14. He mainly focused on acting at first. In 1983 he joined the theatre group Chingari in Delhi, later moving to Pune to attend the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII).



 Irrfan Khan

 Naseerudin Shah

 Alyy Khan

 Keneth Desad

 Kashmira Shah



Art Director:Tanmay Agarwal

Production Manager:Gurudas pai

Music Director:Kedar Avati

Cinematography: Rafey Mahmood