Director: Malas Twins



AamenAlarand Montage, AssmaJaber, Yousef Saif-Jawdat



Producers: MALAS TWINS




When World Cup 2014 was held in Brazil, thousands and millions of people celebreated the world’s biggest sport event, whether by coming to the stadium and supported their favorite team, or by spending the night in front of television.  At the same time in Syria, where civil war was ravaging, the quadrennial celebration was held differently. This film humorously connects the war with anything soccer, whether it is the game or organization and uses satire to mock the tendencies of the global society who cares more about soccer games rather than humanity.


Directors Biography:


Mohammad dan Ahmad Malas are Syrian twins currently living in France. Their experience in cinema isn’t merely filmmaking, but also acting and script writing for films and television series. Since 2011, Malas twins consistently document and make films on Syrian revolution, of which are uploaded to YouTube.


Festivals/Awards: Beirut International Film Festival October 2016


SYRIA I ARABIC I 2016                                         DRAMA I 70 MINS I DCP I COLORworld-cup malas-twins-directors-world-cup world-cup-still-2 world-cup-still