DANA DANA (Pearl Pearl)

Director: Mutana Al Rubaye




Kerry Owen (UK), HoudaEchoufani (Egypt, Morocco, UK), Geoff Cotton (UK), Lily Philips (UK),

Wayne Gidden (UK), Mutana Al-Rubaye (Iraq)



Producer, Writer: Mutana Al-Rubaye



When an Iraqi musician receives death threats and is forced to leave his country and the love of his life, his destiny turns around and he is forced to choose between a big break in his musical career and his refugee status.


Director Biography:

Mutana Al-Rubaye is a young Iraqi Filmmaker/Actor from Baghdad, Iraq. Post 2003 Iraq war, Mutana started film studies at the cinema department of Baghdad Fine Arts College. He won a scholarship to study filmmaking at a London Film School in England. In 2007, Mutana graduated successfully from Film School obtaining a filmmaking diploma. After graduation, Mutana was unable to return to his war torn country Iraq. He stayed in the UK as a refugee to continue his filmmaking career and carried on developing, writing, directing and producing his own art house short films (Just Thinking in a Loud Voice, Colors of Happiness), which shaped his artistic vision and original style of storytelling.


Festivals /Awards: Debut Feature


Iraq I ARABIC, ENGLISH I 2016                         Drama I 70 Mins I DCP I COLOR  dana-dana_still1 dana-dana_still144 director