IN THE NAME OF GIRL (En el Nombre de la Hija)

SPANISH I VENEZUELA I 2011                           DRAMA I 108 MIN I DCP I COLOR


Director: Tania Hermida



Eva MayuMecham Benavides

Markus Mecham Benavides

Martina León


Francisco Jaramillo

Paul Curillo



Producer: AnaísDomínguez

Music : Nelson García

Cinematographer: Armando Salazar

Film Editor: Vanessa Amores, Juan Carlos Donoso

Re-recordist, Mixer: Lucas Meyer




Manuela has been brought up by her beloved father, a communist and an atheist. When she spends her vacation in her grandmother’s catholic-conservative farmhouse it leads to an inevitable confrontation. Manuela eagerly defends her father’s ideas but an unexpected encounter with her Uncle Felipe leads her to confront herself instead. His wisdom sets Manuela free from her own dogmas and changes her relationship with words, including her own name.


Director Biography


Filmmaker majored in Film Direction by International Film and TV School of San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba (1991). Master in Cultural Studies by University of Azuay (2003). Additional studies in Creative Writing (School of Arts in Madrid, 1998) and Aesthetics of Cinema (University of Valladolid, 1990). Writer and Director of Que tan lejos (2006), 35 mm film. She also directed the short films Aljubel (1989), El Puente Rojo (1991), and Alo; (1999).




2006        How Much Further

2011        In the Name of the Girl


Festivals/Awards:                   Best Art Direction at Cine Ceará – National Cinema Festival

Alice in the City Prize at Rome Film Festival

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