BATTLEFIELD (Campo De Batalla)

SPANISH I BOLIVIA I 2015                                  DRAMA I 80 MIN I DCP I COLOR

Director: Amancay Tapia Montes



Erika Andia


Maria Luque

Fanny Soledad

Amancay Tapia Montes



Producer: Patricia Alvarez

Screenplay Writer: Amancay Tapia Montes

Cinematographer: Guillermo Medrano

Music: Manuel Camargo

Editor: Amancay Tapia Montes



Due to social unrest in the streets of La Paz (Bolivia), the owner of a modest beauty salon in a suburb of the city and her family, are forced to spend a few days together trapped inside with two clients. As the hours go by,petty fights between the five of them will make the coexistence in the confined space insufferable, turning the beauty salon into an unexpected battlefield.


Director Biography:  

Amancay Tapia Montes is a director and writer, known for Rescue Me (2013), Campo de Batalla (2011) and The Invisible Woman (2010).



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2010 The Invisible Woman

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2009 The Invisible Man (Video short)

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Festivals/Awards: Latin American Trieste 2011amancay-tapia-montes-director-battlefield-batalla campo-de-batalla