Director: Nacho Solana

Spanish I 11 Mins I Spain I 2016

Cast: Felix Gomez, Marion Aguilera, Louis Oyarbide



Writer: Marcos Díez

Producers: Nacho Solana, Laura Crouan, Ignacio Pérez-Pardo

Cinematography: Ignacio Aguilar

Sound:Luis Hernaiz



Carlos has decided to give his life a new start but something is making him reconsider. At this crossroads he is forced to negotiate with Laura, his wife, and with Álex, his boss. A triangle of interests in which it is not clear what Carlos needs nor who manipulates who.


Director Biography:

Nacho Solana is a Spanish director of publicity and short films. With a record of more than 400 selections and 20 awards in festivals from all over the world, it is to be pointed out the pre-nomination of his film ‘Namnala’ to the Goya 2016. Recently released, ‘The Cage’ is his sixth and latest short film to the date.nacho_solana-director-the-cage poster-the-cage the-cage-2