Director: Juna

French I 13 Mins. I France I 2016


Cast: PriscilliaLambon


Producer: Christophe CHEMIN (ditJùan)

Cinematography:Thierry Le Mer / Jean Thomas Miquelot



Adriana, about thirty year, has moved to Paris for several months. Determined to live on its passion for the theater, her job takes doesn’t enable her to be devoted to it as far as she would wish it… The woman must liberate herself and find her place in this big city of Paris.


Director Biography:

Jùan was born in France, Sarcelles, 1 January 1985. He was passionate very early for the cinema after seeing his first movie at the age of six,‘Terminator 2’. Eager to expand its culture and critical sense, he went to a Master II degree in Cinema at the University of Jussieu. At the same time, he became an entrepreneur and was introduced to the framing, editing and color grading. His experience extends until the clip fiction. A WOMAN IN PARIS is his first short film. He self-produced and directed it.


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