PORTUEGESE I 2016                                 DRAMA I 93 MIN I DCP I COLOR


Director: Sergio Graciano



Miguel Borges, Afonso Pimentel, Isabel Abreu, José Mata, Carla Maciel, José Martins



Writer: FredericoPombares

Producer: Marisa Tavares

Cinematography: Miguel Manso

Film Editing: AntónioGonçalves

Sound: Nuno Machado




A father who leaves home taking nothing with him but the mailbox and a suitcase. He sits on a garden bench, on the street, waiting for a son’s answer. Every day he sends him a letter and every day he hopes to get a letter back. Every day he combs his hair, puts a tie on, and shaves to be ready to receive that letter by the time the postman passes by.


Director Biography:


SérgioGraciano (1975, Lisbon) has making films for the last 14 years. During that time he directed several short-films and documentaries. In the last 8 years he has directed some fiction Television Series for the Portuguese public TV channel. He won an Emmy for a soap opera called “Blood Ties”, and was nominated for another one. He has two feature films called “So So”, and “Njinga Queen of Angola”.




2006 Ricochete (Short Film)

2009 Passeio (Short Film)

2010 Respiro

2011 Um Dua Longo

2011 Linhas de Sange

2012 So so

2013 Njinga Queen of Angola

2016 Letters










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