Director: YossefBritel

90 Mins/Arabic/EST/Morocco/2016


Synopsis:             The film is 350 000 participants, 350 000 stories. They are all heading towards the same and unique goal, the fate of all people, the future of an entire nation. They have all responded to the call of their Monarch. They all started this peaceful march to re-conquer their land under Spanish occupation. “The Green March” aims to be a choral film, presenting the intertwined fates of a handful of men and women, sharing the same objective: to fight for the freedom of their colonized territory. “The Green March” tells the story of a mother, Zhor, who risked her life 40 years ago by joining to the march. Her objective was to give birth to her child on her late husband’s land, the occupied Moroccan al-massira-3 al-massira-4 al-massira