Director: Vinod Pande

30 Mins./Hindi/EST/ India/2016

Cast: Natasha, Hemant Tiwari, Gaurav Sharma



Producer, Writer: Vinod Pande

Cinematographer: Saptarshi Pratim

Editor: Amit K Jha

Sound: Jitendra Singh, M QasimParvez


A deserted country road in the valley, advancing night; two army men in distress. One has been shot and is bleeding profusely. Vehicle runs out of gas and has to be abandoned. One goes searching for petrol and medical help, while the injured one goes into the only house close by, hoping to find shelter…Power is gone, doorbell not working. Exasperated he storms in breaking through the door. Engulfed in darkness as he searches for his gun slipped out of his hand, he hears footsteps. A light descending the staircase. A woman with a candle light. And then…


Director Biography:

A civil servant in British Government and a BBC broadcaster began his film career with his debut feature  “EK BAAR PHIR”. He made nine films including much talked about “YEH NAZDEEKIYAN” and “SINS”, four TV serials including the highly noted “AIR HOSTESS” and “REPORTER”. He headed the launch team of a TV network during the late nineties. Vinod has been the chairman of the jury of several important film awards including the Committee for selecting the Indian entry for OSCAR Awards, more than once.panaah_film-still_01 panaah_film-still_02 vinod-pandes-photograph-2 vinod-pandes-photograph-4