Joy Sengupta
Pradip Mukherjee
Koneenica Banerjee
Kanchana Moitra
Deboprasad Halder
Moumita Mitra



Protagonist “Bilu” who is a direct product of the hollow modernization the current times are going through. Bilu works in IT in a typical corporate environment, although Bilu finds himself strangled and gasping. He loves singing and always wanted to pursue his career as a singer. But he has got trapped himself within his own demons (hence the name!). His own worldly desires along with the expectations of the persons surrounding him takes him for a toss from which he never finds a way out. Losing his all dear ones starts finding solace in different forms of thought process. He invents situation where he still can stay with them. Sometime he finds a crazy way until he finds himself again in an eternity. A reflection of unrest urban time and problem with deeply rooted identity in modern era.

Director Biography:
Indrasis debuts with this film ‘Bilu, A Deamon within. Having no formal training or a degree on film making, he grew up watching and observing human behavior, conditions, and situations. His upbringing in a musical environment helped him develop the sense of music along with literature and Acting. He amalgamated all his experiences into his film making along with his habit of watching world cinema.


Producer: Anirban Maity
Music : Joy Sarkar
Cinematographer: Santanu Dey
Film Editor: Maloy Laha
Sound: Anirban Sengupta