Media Registration

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    All persons registered as media for the 7th edition of Jagran Film Festival (JFF) must pick up their JFF badge accreditation at the Media Registration office, for Delhi Chapter at Siri Fort Auditorium from Friday 1st July through to 5th July from 11: 00 am to 5:30 pm. & for Mumbai Chapter at Fun Cinemas, Andheri from 26th September till 1st October from 11: 00 am to 5:30 pm. Accreditation is solely reserved for members of the media. Media delegates must wear their badge at all times whenever they are attending JFF. The JFF badge is a photo identity card and will display your name, media outlet and also indicate the level of access you are eligible for. Please note that if you cannot produce your JFF badge upon request, you may be asked to leave the premises. The badges are non-transferable. For media who haven’t completed the accreditation process on or before of the festival they are required to submit their business card and an approval letter from their media outlet. The process approval can take up to 24 hours but we will attempt to issue accreditation as soon as possible. MEDIA ACCESS & BENEFITS As an accredited member of the media, you can attend the following events at JFF: • Press Conferences • Select Industry Office Events • Internet Lounge • JFF Press and Publicity Office / desk Separate invitations are required to attend the Opening, Closing, 7th Jagran Film Festival Awards and post Gala screening parties. Interviews with film crew members, jury members and festival guests will be held at the respective venues. Please refrain from shooting at unauthorised areas of the venues. You can book appointments to use the interview room / media room through the JFF Press and Publicity Office / desk. Red Carpet access is limited to media photographers and TV crews only. Accredited members must collect their Red Carpet stickers between 2pm and 5pm on a daily basis from the JFF Press and Publicity Office to ensure access. Photo-calls will be held within the photo-call area located at designated areas within the JFF. FACILITIES FOR ACCREDITED MEDIA The JFF Press and Publicity Office is open daily to media only, from 10:00 am to 10pm during JFF. The JFF Press and Publicity Office has been created for all media and we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines: • The Press and Publicity Office is accessible only to authorised JFF media badge holders. • Please ensure proper care of all personal belongings. JFF Management will not be responsible for any loss or theft. • Any damage to JFF property will be duly penalised. RED CARPET ACCESS: OPENING NIGHT AND GENERAL PROCEDURE All media outlets interested in covering the opening night red carpet must confirm the name and details of the photographer or videographer and presenter representing them on the red carpet. Details of the crew members must be sent to the JFF Press and Publicity Office by 12 noon on 1st July, 2016. Accredited and confirmed media photographers and TV crew must collect Red Carpet stickers from the JFF Press and Publicity Office between 2pm and 5pm on a daily basis. All media positions will be pre-allocated in advance by JFF Press and Publicity Office and will be clearly marked with signs. Media from each territory will be positioned next to each other for efficiency. The Opening Night red carpet will open at 4:30pm; therefore all media must set up in their positions on the red carpet by 3:30 pm, the red carpet will be closed to all media by 5:15pm, so please ensure you arrive in time to secure your position to avoid disappointment. JFF Press and Publicity staff will be responsible for setting up the media in their positions and the subsequent smooth running of the Red Carpet. The JFF Management and the Press and Publicity Office will not be responsible for the loss of any of your personal belongings. There will be positions for television crews and for clusters of print journalists along the edge of the Red Carpet in order to interview VIP guests in attendance. The main photography pen will be positioned on the edge of the Red Carpet with pre-allocated positions so accredited photographers can capture the guests as they arrive. Additional sections along the Red Carpet will be allocated for accredited media photographers and TV crews. The photography pen will be managed by JFF Press and Publicity staff to ensure all notable guests stops in front of the pen for pictures before they proceed along the red carpet. JFF Press and Publicity staff will be on hand to help facilitate where possible, specific interview requests for accredited media. All notable guests will be encouraged to stop at interview and photography positions by talent escorts or JFF Press and Publicity staff. However, as with any large media event there can be no guarantee that these guests will be able to stop at all interview positions. PHOTOGRAPHY A team of JFF in-house photographers will be capturing every aspect of the festival. Photography will include: • Celebrity Guests • Red Carpet Arrivals • JFF Photo-calls • Dinners & Parties • General Festival Photography Event images will be available to download completely free of charge from the JFF website: and will be available at the end of each day’s event. Please contact the JFF Press and Publicity Office for any assistance. INTERVIEWS Media are requested to contact the JFF Press and Publicity staff: • Kindly log interview requests at the JFF Press and Publicity Office. • In most cases, a minimum of 24 hours may be required to organise any interview. • The media may request interviews with visiting talent and guests prior to the start of the festival. However, please note that interview slots are limited and approval of interviews is at the discretion of the celebrity and not the PR Agencies or Festival Management. PRESS CONFERENCES AND PRESS SCREENINGS • A daily schedule of Press Conferences and Press Screenings can be requested at the JFF Press and Publicity Office. • The advisory will be updated and shared on a regular basis with any changes through the media desk at the JFF Press and Publicity office. HOUSE RULES FOR MEDIA Whilst we hope you enjoy the festival, we request that you respect the press guidelines to ensure smooth functioning at all times. • All TV crews and photographers must film the festival only from the designated areas attached to the event such. Any unauthorised filming may lead to cancellation of media accreditation. • Please respect the JFF Press and Publicity staff. You are required to adhere to rules. Failure to comply with rules may result in media being escorted off the premises. • Please do not attempt to film, photograph or interview at any unauthorised location without prior permission from the JFF Press and Publicity staff. • Media will be required to carry their JFF badge at all times. • Please do not attempt to access any areas that out of bounds and for which media are not accredited and authorised. JFF management reserves the right to make any changes to these guidelines without any prior notice.